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Eduroam is an international federation of academic institutions which allows its users to visit other organisations and use the same username and password as they would use at their home institution. Eduroam institutions span Europe, Asia-Pacific, Canada, and the USA.

Acceptable use

Before using the service you must understand both of the following documents:

Neither impose draconian limitations on what is permitted but be aware that abuse and misuse will result in sanction and leave you open to disciplinary action.

NERC users

NERC has implemented an eduroam 'Home' service. This allows NERC users to visit eduroam 'Visited' sites (e.g. universities) and gain access to the eduroam Wi-Fi network automatically.

The eduroam Wi-Fi connection must be configured on their devices in advance, and users should enter their credentials at configuration time. Users will not be prompted to enter them on subsequent connection to eduroam networks.

Eduroam will never display a web page to request user credentials. If a user is presented with an intercept page they must ignore it and contact their local support team for guidance.

To check if a user is accessing eduroam from a valid location they can view the list of participating organisations on eduroam's website.

Apps can also be installed on mobile devices to check for valid eduroam access points:

NERC users can access eduroam visited sites at Liverpool University, Southampton University, Lancaster University and at other participating organisations.

NERC users should connect using their Office 365 logon username and password.

i.e.   (e.g.

Note: For most users, this is your email address. However, if your email address contains your real name (e.g. it will not work, it has to be your username before the '@'. Please contact your local IT team if you have any questions.

NERC visitors

Before connecting to the NERC 'Visited' eduroam service please ensure you have read and accept the NERC Electronic Communication Policy and the eduroam (UK) policy (both available above).

To connect to the eduroam service whilst visiting one of the NERC sites listed below, please ensure that your device has been set up correctly before your visit. Your local IT support service should be able to assist with the required configuration.

If you have not cached your username and password from your home institution, then you may be asked to enter these once connected to the eduroam service.

The user credentials supplied by your device must identify your home institution; e.g. would identify user xyz from university abc.

If you encounter any problems, please contact your local IT support at your home institution for assistance.

NERC currently provides a Visited service at the following locations:

Configuration instructions

Automatic setup

The preferred method for configuring your device is to use the eduroam CAT (Configuration Assistant Tool) - this tool will automatically set your device up to use the eduroam network. To do this, go to the Eduroam CAT page and follow the instructions according to your device, rather than using the guidance below.

Major operating systems

Mobile devices


If you experience any problems following these instructions, please contact your local IT support.